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Dynamike's news and views on harley, the harley lifestyle and most things of interest to motorcyclists

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it's 2002, so let's look forward to some great rides Awarded September 2001

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Dynamike's news and views on harley, the harley lifestyle and most things of interest to motorcyclists

Check out the new UK Harley Long Riders Club, formed in 2003,
an independent nationwide club for all HOG members who just want to have fun,
riding their hogs to rallies, bike shows and attending charity events.


1903 - 2003 The Ivel Tractor is 100 years old
The Ivel Tractor is 100 years old

Invented by Dan Albone in Biggleswade, this the world's first Internal Combustion Tractor revolutionized farming

the world's oldest working internal combustion tracto - the ivel number 131
The Ivel Tractor number 131 is The World's Oldest, Working, Internal Combustion tractor.
In the summer of 2003 this item of British Engineering History will be driving to various locations from Biggleswade, Woburn Abbey, Silverstone Race Circuit, The Royal Show at Stoneleigh and Donnington Race Circuit to raise funds for the 'Help the Hospices' Charity.

Full dates and details will be uploaded on the Events pages shortly.

help the hospices charity, support the ivel tractor charity run in it's 100th year

CIDER RALLY 11 - 2002
Available NOW
Available NOW
SANDY BALLS 11- 2002
Available NOW
Available Now £12 inc P&P ( 60 mins )
  All the Action, All the Fun, just under 2 hours

VHS Tape £14.99 or DVD £20.00 Post and Packing Included
Video-Trax 28 Higher Road, CHEDZOY, Somerset TA7 8QU

Tel: 01278 429757
NTSC / SECAM versions and Mailing costs anywhere in the WORLD - mail Dynamike and I'll get back to you,
your chance to see How it's done for real fun and with good bands, here in England.

These and more from the 2002 International Motorcycle Show at the NEC, Birmgham, England will be loaded to the 2002 Picture Gallery pages during this week


THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE !!!  - SUPERB CUSTOM currently on EBAY 11 October 2002
This is it ! The only one on the planet. This is a rare, one of a kind, special edition, custom bike built for a custom bike show. Check out what it says on the oil tank (to the best of my knowledge it`s the only one). The bike is a true collectors item!
It features a stretched Daytec frame, stretched gas tank, and that “cool ” stretched oil tank, a 35 degree rake, custom triple trees and risers. The custom rear fenders features hidden struts. The struts can support most passengers if a second seat is added ( but who wants to do that ).
The power plant is a 110 horse power 96 cubic inch S & S motor with only 1,700 PAMPERED maintenance miles. (Just broke in)
I only let one mechanic touch this bike! It has been very well maintained and kept in showroom quality, mint condition.
The bike also features a 5 speed Jimes close ratio gears transmission (the smoothest I`ve felt),
S & S super E carburetor, delkron cases, chrome inner and outer primaries, custom billet forward controls, ness tech calibers, drag bars, 18" rear & 21" front twisted spoke wheels, 7" metzler rear tire.
And not to mention the KILLER custom paint scheme (bearing the Easyrider logo on both sides of the oil tank). The pictures do not do this bike justice, it is brilliant yellow with blue and purple overlays and silver where it looks like the metal is being ripped back! This Bike is sure to Turn Heads everywhere You go(and set off a few car alarms!) It`s a work of art on two wheels!
This bike was on tour at a 1999 custom bike show and was never for sale to the general public until NOW!
If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact seller

Re-Listed ON EBAY - MOTORCYCLES/CUSTOMS - ITEM # on Ebay for the bike is 1868987858

or contact Bob direct - phone# ( 480 ) 580-7557

or via EMail > Bob Lohr

All pictures by kind permission of the current owner as of 11 October 2002




Thanks to the Support of everyone this was seen to be a mistake
common sense at last prevailed.

You may be aware that the European Union is currently very seriously considering trade retaliation measures to counter the recent U.S. move to place tariffs on imported steel. Part of the proposed retaliation by the EU is to apply a 30 per cent tariff on U.S. built motorcycles entering Europe. This could also apply to parts and accessories, spares and clothing.
This is clearly a major issue for Harley-Davidson and Harley-Davidson owners in Europe and will have a catastrophic effect on all of us if it goes ahead as planned.

Please click below for a fact sheet outlining all the possible implications of this action.


Harley-Davidson UK takes this issue very seriously and is embarking on a plan to persuade key officials within the EU and the British government to have motorcycles removed from the list of products subject to tariffs. To succeed, we need the help of Harley owners across Europe.

Thanks to the Support of everyone this was seen to be a mistake
common sense at last prevailed.


This page IS the News and Information page.

Check out the Pillion Viewpoint from the V-Rod

see the V-Rod section below

Dynamike's news and views on harley, the harley lifestyle and most things of interest to motorcyclists

New Years Honours for Harley-Davidson
Awards galore for Harley-Davidson and the V-Rod

Forbes Magazine names Harley-Davidson "Company of the Year"

Two Wheels Only names V-Rod "Bike of the Year"

New H-D V-ROD VRSCAHarley-Davidson V-RodThe HD V-Rod - a prize winner

Rose tries the V-RodA Pillion view of the V-Rod CLICK HEREV-Rod the Pillion Viewpoint

soon details of "Cruiser of the Year" award to the V-Rod

and "Motorcycle Design Trophy" award for the V-Rod

see all the NEW HD offerings here

Harley-Davidson V-Rod News

Mary Anne Hobbs roars onto BBC CHOICE
BBC produce a Biker Lifestyle Television Series
BBC Radio 1 DJ Mary Anne Hobbs
has been around the world on the hunt for the extraordinary characters
that illuminate the biker lifestyle.

It's finished, but it was one of the best Biker Lifestylr series on Television, watch out for repeats, well worth watching
Mary Anne's Bikes - image ©BBC
Mary Anne's Bikes - image © BBC Mary Anne's Bikes
came to UK Cable and Satellite viewers
via BBC Choice on 5th February 2002 at 23:30pm GMT
Every Tuesday at 23:30pm GMT

Mary Anne's Bikes
for anyone who's ever had their head turned by a beautiful motorcycle
information and pictures provided by British Broadcasting Corporation
All BBC supplied images on this site are the property and copyright of the BBC
or licensed to the BBC for publicity purposes and all rights are reserved. No subsequent use of these images (other than private use)
in any form, is permitted without the prior written agreement of the BBC or license owner
BBC produce a Biker Lifestyle Television Series

For all the news and pictures and live web cams from Main Street Sturgis
It's all over for 2001, but get ready for 2002

the biggest and oldest rally in the world - the Black Hills Rally, Sturgis South Dakota

protect your motorcycling rightsREAD THIS, it is VERY IMPORTANTprotect your motorcycling rights



The Motorcycle Action Group has decided against supporting the industry-backed campaign for zero VED rating on mopeds following a meeting with DVLA, DTLR and treasury officials, and after discussions with the Motorcycle Industry, the BMF and the MRA. MAG's expectation is that the Treasury will not accept a nett revenue loss as a result of VED restructuring and will raise duty on big bikes if they drop it on small ones.

THE U.K. GOVERNMENT are intending changes to Motorcycle taxation

If you currently ride or intend to ride a motorcycle in the UK

CLICK for information on DVLA Consultation papers re: changes to motorcycle taxation

The UK Government are attempting to SCREW Motorcyclists again.

'good vibrations'

The USA coast to coast on a Harley by Tom Cunliffe
Coast to coast on a Harley, the dream of most
Harley riders, read the story of one mans dream
turn to reality, all the problems, pitfalls fun and
adventure, as well as the interesting places and
people he met. So much detail you will find it
hard to put this book down before completing it,
one of the best books that I have read in ages
- Dynamike
The USA coast to coast on a Harley by Tom Cunliffe
At all good bookshops UK - £7.99, USA - $12.95 Published by Summersdale
Evening Book Signings and Events
for more on Tom's love of sailing
and motorcycling visit his site
'good vibrations' the USA coast to coast on a Harley by Tom Cunliffe

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