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The space shuttle Columbia, carrying a crew of seven,
broke up Saturday morning 1 February 2003
200,000 feet above Texas.
Watch CNN or log on to http://CNN.com or NASA at http://www.nasa.gov


at Sandwell Council House, Oldbury, West Midlands, United Kingdom
Borough flag,
Union flag
and the
Stars and Stripes

all at half mast

11 September 2002 Tribute Ride to US EMBASSY, LONDON UNITED KINGDOM
Twin Towers gone but not forgotten
Harleys in Park Lane
pictures courtesy of Boss Hogs - Roger

remember 11 September 2001dynamike supports the USAwe stand united



An absolutely outrageous act of cowardice
an outrageous event

W T C - Remember Them an outrageous attack on freedom

and one crashes into the PENTAGON

My thoughts go out to all in America as they have since this outrageous act broke on to the news in the United Kingdom at around 03:00pm BST.
I have watched NBC, CNN and UK news footage of this incredible act of cowardice in total disbelief
Uk Harley Riders supporting the USA
Do you need help or can you give help - visit the sites below
www.libertyunites.org and www helping.org - for those affected by the World Trade Center tragedy and attacks on freedom
Check the media sites below for information
http://www.usatoday.com http://www.newshub.com/us/
http://www.nytimes.com http://www.globe.com
http://www.latimes.com http://www.cnn.com/US/
http://www.voanews.com http://msnbc.com/news/default.asp
http://www.washingtonpost.com http://www.washtimes.com



USA home of freedom and the american legendAMERICA devastated BY TERRORISTS - 11 SEPTEMBER 2001 - World Tade Center - remember themUSA land of freedom and democracy - fly the flag

Take a look at the pictures and graphics
USA land of freedom and democracy
and sign the tribute book
A gross act of cowardice on innocent people loving and working in a democratic land of freedom

We are Coming Operation Infinite Justice United We Stand
World Trade Center
www.wallstreetcreations .com
Both of these sites offer items for sale
where a percentage of the costs
will go to those whose lives
were changed forever
by the events of
September the eleventh 2001
I hate terrorists too
U.K Harley Riders Support the USA
Harley Riders flew the Stars and Stripes on the way to the Custom Show at Bournemouth Pier Approach, to show support for the USA, and the Bournemouth Fire Brigade collected for their New York colleagues.
New Forest Sandy Balls Rally 9, end September 2001
Mid October 2001, many Southern England Harley Riders, led by Chris Webb of New Forest Branch and Dave Holden of Bridgwater Chapter rode up to London to make donations at The U.S. Embassy in Grosvenor Square London
End October 2001, the same support was shown at Hoggin' the Bridge II, thanks to folks like Chris Webb and Dave Holden
US Embassy pictures courtesy of Chris Webb, all others Dynamike

Six Months on
Free and democratic people will not tolerate tyranny, terrorism and wanton acts of barbarism acted out on the innocent, by the self indulgent blinkered, mindless cowards of this world.
We will be together and stay together on this, the victims and their families have suffered for all of us
- we will together rise above this, with a renewed vigour, they will always be remembered.
Dynamike March 2002

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www.LibertyUnites.orga blatant attack on civilians by terroristswebmaster - Dynamikea blatant attack on civilians by terrorists

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